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Can A Skip Trace By Done On An Individual Who Owes Us Money?

Frequently an attorney needs to locate a debtor who owes their clients or them money. It is an age-old task finding debtors. Skip trace is a term that dates back to the 1950’s when individuals would “skip town” in order to avoid having to play their bills. Private eyes or debt collection companies were called in to “trace” the person’s whereabouts, which is where the term skip trace comes from.

It is especially difficult to skip trace a debtor since in a majority of cases they are purposely trying to stay hidden and cover their tracks. That is when it is necessary to have a skill private investigator’s services. They have the experience and tools needed to locate dead-beats.

Using aliases (phony names) is a common method used by deadbeats for gaming the system. This is also called “AKA’s” which stands for “also known as.” These AKA’s may also be associated with multiple fake Social Security numbers. But they are frequently unimaginative when it comes to how they use them and private investigators have access to proprietary databases that may be used in determining the methods and patterns of these dishonest people and trace them to whatever their new locations are.

 Missing Person Locates For Law Firms and Attorneys
Law firms and attorneys frequently need to have assistance in finding missing persons also. For 30 years bestprivateinvestigatorstx.com has provided lawyers with the finest litigation support. We provide efficient and fast results and deliver them within a form of presentation that the legal industry needs. Our work product is also backed up with experienced testimony and solid evidence whenever necessary.


This is the art of finding somebody. A skip is an individual, who, for whatever reasons, decides to leave a certain area. A majority of skips eventually either leave a verbal trail, paper trail, or both. A person can have many different reasons for wanting to skip, like running from the law, sense of adventure or rebellion, amnesia, frustration and boredom, escaping debt, revenge, divorce or marriage.

Whenever you need to have a skip trace done on a witness who has moved out of the area, the first thing that needs to be done is to ask the local post office for a forwarding address under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). The response you receive will vary from post office to post office, however, none of them tend to give a fast response. It is more efficient usually to hire a private investigator for this purpose since they have the proper techniques and knowledge for expediting this process.

If it isn’t productive to go through the post office, you can find a witness who has moved through hiring a private investigator who has access to some of the proprietary consumer databases that the general public doesn’t have access to. There are also some law firms that have access to those databases. However, it is still a special skill to interpret the results and know the best approaches for following up on the leads that the search results provide. An experienced investigator can help to maximize these search results.

If the witness’s current location is not revealed by the database research, then it may be required to do some good old gumshoe investigating. (During the film noir era private eyes got the “gumshoe” nickname due to getting gum on their shoes all the time from all of the pavement-pounding walking they did). Visiting the last known address and speaking with apartment managers and neighbors can provide a lot of valuable information, particularly when the job is done by a skilled undercover private investigator.

A civil lawsuit like a personal injury case frequently takes several years to make its way through the court system. Attorneys representing these kinds of clients will invariably run into situations where you try to contact your client regarding an upcoming deposition or some other legal issue and your client is missing.

Initially, you will, of course, attempt to make use of the usual methods for getting new addresses, such as doing a skip trace or forwarding address request. However, this will not always give you the results that you want. A private investigator might need to be hired at that point to track down your client who has wandered off.

What an experienced private eye can offer is years worth of experience in locating missing persons. They have the knowledge for reading address histories that helps to establish patterns. Often they can tell if a person has moved in with their relatives or doubled back to an old address. They know the best ways of approaching third parties like relatives and neighbors to obtain information on where the individual is without raising any red flags that might make them less cooperative.

When attorneys are working on a civil suit like a wrongful death or personal injury case, one important responsibility they have is serving the defendant with papers so that they are notified they are being sued. Frequently you might not have enough contact information on a defendant in order to find and serve them successfully.

That is when an experienced private investigator is needed to take whatever little information you might have on a defendant and use that to find and serve the person. Private eyes are able to take very scant data on an individual and use the clued to find the defendant eventually.

At times it may appear as if a defendant has completely disappeared without a trace. One useful technique that a private investigator might use is identifying and tracking down the person’s relatives. Private investigators are able to do this through utilizing databases containing clues to this kind of information. Quite often, even when a subject has taken serious measures to hide, the relatives haven’t, and this weak link within the chain can be exploited by the private investigator.

Teen Investigations

Here at bestprivateinvestigatorstx.com, we have conducted many successful teenage runaway investigations in our more than 30 years in business, both in California and across the United States. When minors are out on the street after running away from home, it can really threaten their safety. We completely understand how sensitive these situations are. We have many years of experience when it comes to tracking runaway behavior.

These days there are many more tools to help with finding runaway teenagers. Ranging from Twitter to Facebook to MySpace, there are clues online that can help with these situations. Other things that can be helpful include debit card, credit card and cell phone records. Whenever necessary, we have gone to court successfully to obtain subpoenas from various Internet Service Providers in order to obtain relevant online data.

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Our missing person search aims to find parties who might or might not want to be found. It is also useful for finding long lost relatives, lovers and friends. Locate searches can also be used in adoption cases. You might need to locate your birth parents in order to obtain medical history, or perhaps you are a biological parent (birth father, birth mother) searching for children who were given up for adoption at birth.

Missing Persons Search And Investigations
When it comes to a missing person search, there are several inquiry levels. In some situations, like finding long lost relatives, lovers and friends who have simply drifted away, you might have quite a bit of information on them already, like date of birth and their last known address. For other kinds of locate searches, you might not have critical information or you might have really old information. These are more challenging cases, they it is still possible to solve them.

There a few factors that determine how difficult a missing person search is when there isn’t much more than a name to begin with. How common an individual’s name is is the first factor. If the person has a fairly common first name, and their last name is Jones or Smith, it is much more difficult task. Name changes is the second factor. When the get married, most women change their last names. These are some of the hardest locate projects, particularly when date is birth isn’t known.

A real-time missing person – a child or relative or friend how has recently disappeared – requires different strategies to be used than the ones we have described so far. In those situations, our agents who are out in the field have to “pound the pavement” in order to locate the missing individual. We use discreet sources and high tech measures in order to get information to help lead us to the person who is missing.

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