If you’re seeking to stop employee theft and misconduct, you’ve come to the right place. We have experienced undercover investigators who are readily available to effectively control and help you to identify, prevent and stop thefts in your company.

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Our experts have all done the required work to understand how to help you in your most challenging issues with your employees. Our leading investigation and risk mitigation firm has a Diversified Risk Management and is able to offer you long-term help in your company. We offer uncompromising integrity as well as quality and value.

Our research analysts are comprised of lawyers, banking professionals, and business executives and will help you with all of your issues. Call us at (713) 999-0880.

Our services offer you due diligence and information at gathering our services to help those who are having issues with their clients and employees. Our research can all be tailored to help you in transactions that relate to acquisitions as well as mergers. We also offer joint ventures and venture capital as well as private equity and any other investments that you may require. We do all of this with due diligence and ensure you that we can find the assets as well as any witnesses, and all evasive defendants in the scenario.

Our Diversified Protection offers up its clients with an extensive range of both physical and operational security that is designed to help improve safety as well as improve safety of their families and employees and assets.

We take our job seriously to protect executives as well as their employees and dignitaries. We also protect celebrities, lawyers and defendants and anyone else who is high-profile. Our services encompass security in places of worship as well as the workplace and for hostile employees who have been terminated or are in the midst of labor disputes.

Fraud and embezzlement are two of the more complex issues that challenge employers. We offer both internal as well as external financial crimes and misappropriated assets. We also find kickback schemes and accounting issues that pose potential threats both public and private. Our certified fraud investigators include forensic accountants, investigators and more. We can find the pertinent facts and locate as well as interview those who hold valuable key information regarding what has gone on.

We are an industry leader when it comes to electronic evidence collection. We also analyze and preserve information so that you can use it where it needs to be used. We also recover, investigate and analyze as well as produce and present this to you in a timely manner.

With data restoration and expert witness services you’re sure to appreciate our services and what you can get with them.

Interview & Interrogation

An interview is the questioning of a person who has knowledge of a subject that is relevant to an investigation. Although the interview often resembles a conversation, it is a highly specialized form of conversation with a specific purpose.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud is defined as a false representation or the concealment of a material fact with the intent and result that it be acted upon by another to his loss or detriment. It is making a false statement of a past or existing fact with knowledge of its falsity or with reckless indifference as to its truth with the intent to cause another to rely upon it, resulting in his injury.

  • Corporate Security
  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Employee Background Check

Employee theft is huge problem in America, with it costing business in the U.S. about $60 billion.
Premises liability lawsuits account for 20% of $1 million.
About 75% of people who participated in white collar crime, also committed crime at their previous company.

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