SINCE 2008

RGI is setting out to do better and set higher standards for the Private Investigation industry in Texas.


We work closely with both law enforcement and military trained personnel providing our clients with the greatest level of security, knowledge and professionalism. Our licensed security investigators are handpicked from many candidates and the majority of them have served in the U.S military. We pride ourselves in helping our troops coming back from combat by finding their way into the workforce via employment with our firm.

We are different from other companies because we know “investigations” and emphasize customer service.



Private Investigation

Hire a professional P.I. to ensure accurate information or find out what is really going on.

Corporate Investigation

Undercover investigators available to identify, prevent and stop employee theft.

Bug Sweeps

Do you need to extract digital data from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer?

Domestic Investigation

We will treat all correspondence and conversations with the strictest confidence.

Insurance Investigation

Private investigators can help with workers' compensation insurance fraud.

Locate People

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